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At Onsite Helper, we appreciate the trust and confidence our clients put in us in assisting them with their IT needs.

As a big THANK YOU for your interest in Onsite Helper, we seek to reward you with our referral program.

Onsite Helper keeps it costs low by not employing a sales department so that we can provide you with exceptional service at the lowest price possible.

Referrals allow us to grow and having you referring us business not only benefits new clients and Onsite Helper but it also sees you by enjoying heavily discounted and/or complimentary IT support.

Our professionalism and passion for our line of work has seen many of our clients say wonderful things about Onsite Helper (check out the testimonials), so you can rest assured that your reputation will not be compromised by referring clients to us. As an experienced IT Solutions Providers, we’ve always got you covered.

For more information, please call us on (03) 9999 3106.