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Domain names

DNS hosting is often not available with other providers with the registration of domain name. However, with us, any domain name registration includes free DNS hosting. So when you go to use your domain name with the setup of your emails or website, your DNS is ready to work alongside your website hosting.

As part of your registration, we will also keep track of your domain name renewal where we not only email you but also call you when your domain name is about to expire. We will not let your emails and website go offline just because no one responded to reminder emails which is often the case.

Visit to register or transfer your domain names.

Website Hosting


Are you happy with your website hosting provider?

Did you know that people don’t wait more than 5 or 6 seconds for a webpage to load?

Even more, Google is very strict with this aspect. Pages that take more than 4 seconds to load are automatically downgraded! There are many aspects that influence the speed of your site, but one of the reasons behind slow pages is the hosting service you’re using.

So how fast is your site?

A fast site is the recipe to SEO success so you must know how fast your site is. Click here to take a test right now, for free! All you have to do is introduce your website’s address and select Melbourne as the test location.

So how did you do? Our website takes 2 seconds to load …

Why choose Onsite Helper Premium web hosting?

Onsite Helper has built its own Premium website hosting service using Amazon Web Servers infrastructure

Features & Benefits

  • High Speed – Helps boosts your SEO. This will give you more traffic to your site
  • High Security – Prevent web hacks and viruses. Keep your data and reputation safe online
  • 99.9999% Up Time – increases your online presence and avoid affecting your reputation online
  • Trusted in market – Used by Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Air BNB and many more top 100 companies of Australia
  • Data Centres in Sydney – All data is kept within Australia to meet the data privacy
  • Act Low Maintenance – very rare server down-time and maintenance

Advantages to SEO and Online Rankings

  • Google Likes High Speed Websites
  • Helps Customers Spend more time on your websites
  • Reduce your Bounce Rate
  • Better Conversion

Backup & Secure your data

We can set automated backups of your website to AWS S3 Cloud storage. The backups are performed daily and you can restore to many points in time that updates were made.

This is ideal for businesses who like to add content to their website and wouldnt want to start again if something happened (for instance, someone hacked your site)

The cost for an automated backups is $5 per month

Costs and extra features

  • Premium Web Hosting Service – $39 per month or pay yearly and get 17% discount $399 pear year.
  • Setup/Migration cost – We can migrate your website from previous server to a new one. This is a once off cost of $149

SPECIAL OFFER Sign up before the end of November 2016 and we will give you setup/migration for FREE
Extra features include customization for apps you need moved to the cloud (like POS or CRM)

Benefits include:

  • No large hardware upfront costs of server infrustructure
  • Increase uptime with secure and relaible managed server in cloud
  • Ability to scale as demand grows for storage and processing power
  • Very fast access speeds from all locations including mobile devices

Talk to us for a custom solution with your own Virtual or dedicated server to host these applications.
**Prices are excluding GST

Why wait?

Why not spend good money on High End Powerful Servers which increase your Web Presence and give excellent User Experience? It’s time to impress your customers when they are browsing your website!!!

Act now before you lose more customers because of low speed and poor security!

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