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Onsite Servers


We have a number of Windows Server Packages available. To download a PDF brochure please click here


For Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions please click here.
Our NAS solutions allow for your data to be synced to Google Drive. Your data will therefore be available locally and whenever you’re on the move through the Cloud.


Hardware & Software

Purchasing the correct hardware and/or software for your business can be a tricky exercise.
Some common mistakes clients run into when being advised to purchase from retail sale stores include:

  • New computer comes loaded with wrong version of Windows. May not be compatible with Windows server to “join the domain”
  • New computer has wrong hardware spec’s designed more for a gamer rather than an office employee. Wasted money
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage) does not have an external backup process in place.
  • Replacement router is a residential grade and does not provide adequate protection for business or performance throughput for amount of users
    Purchasing Office 365 retail and not being aware have to renew subscription each year. After 2 or 3 years this becomes an expensive option compared to purchasing non subscription office.
  • Purchasing different antivirus products for each computer, becomes a nightmare when they are up for renewal as they all expire at different times and often missed.

Take the guess work out of ordering new hardware and software by allowing one of our pre-sales engineers to do the assessment for you.

We can advise you the best solutions at the best price – saving you money, time and remove the risk of you losing important data.

We purchase large volume from IT wholesalers so often we are able to get better pricing than that you would off the retail shelf.


Video Conference

Google Chromebox is a must have for businesses that want an easier more reliable means of video conferencing. Google Chromebox can allow up to 15 people to join a meeting at any one time and it can be done from a number devices – your chromebox, desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Combining Google Chromebox with Google Apps and Google Hangouts, you have a complete tool for scheduling and conducting meetings simply and efficiently. Schedule an appointment in Google Calendar and invite attendees to join by shooting through an email. Simple as that!

Unlike traditional conferencing equipment, Google Chromebox is extremely user friendly with little training required.

Additionally you can record your meetings by utilising Hangouts On Air. Take a look at this guide on how to record your meetings to your own private YouTube Channel.

For more information on how Google Chromebox for Meetings can benefit your company, click here to watch the please see this demo


Seamless Wifi


Standard wireless repeaters used in the office environment to allow you to access your IT network including the internet usually does not provide sufficient coverage.  There will be areas of the office which you just have no connectivity.    We provide enterprise standard wireless hardware at small business prices through our partnership with Ubiquiti.  You can simply start with 1 wireless access points and add up to 1000 as you see fit.  

Our seamless wifi solutions will allow you to walk around your office and stay connected at all times without dropouts.  The smart wireless access points talk to each other to provide the users with the best possible wireless experience.

Even better, Onsite Helper can manage your wireless network remotely making adjustments if you so require. If you have an office with multiple sites, this solution is ideal as staff can go between offices and not have to worry about entering new wifi passwords to access.


Wireless network for hotels and function spaces


802.1x – increased security


Wireless security is a common issue for businesses. The most major concern is that strength selected passwords are often low (e.g. business phone number of business name). This makes the password easy to guess and wifi easy to access by outsiders.

Another common mistake with wireless security is the password stays the same for long periods of time. This means that ex employees and visitors who were given the password continue to have access to your internal servers and data well pass when they should.

A solution to this is to either change the wifi password every time an employee or visitor leaves the business. This can be very inconvenient as all your devices need to be connected with the new wireless password or we can setup a separate password for each user.

802.1x is a feature available with some wireless routers that allow wireless users to authenticate using their computer login password. This means that when an employee leaves, you simply close their account or reset their password as you usually would and this will also stop them from accessing wireless if they were to return to the premises and park out the front with a laptop.

Check with us whether your current router has this feature or if you are interested in purchasing one that does.

Onsite Helper manages a private wireless network for the Pullman Hotel Albert Park for large events which can accommodate upto 1,000 users over 13 wireless access points as seen above.

Disaster Contingency

System failures, human errors and natural disasters can cripple an organisation in a moment. The consequences can be serious enough that a business will never recover. In fact, research organisation Gartner estimates that two out of every five businesses that experience an IT disaster will close within five years.

Most businesses have some sort of data backup in place but often this is only a small part of the equation when restoring a network from a disaster scenario. For example if your Windows server crashed and you only had backups of the data itself, e.g shared folder content, database content. The process to restore the server can take many hours, days or weeks especially if replacement hardware needs to be installed. Sure you could purchase a new server but again it is likely to take many hours to install and configure the software and settings for all the computers to communicate as previous.

Do you know what the cost is for your business in the event of a disaster?

Click this link and fill in the recovery time calculator to become aware of the costs to the business in the event of a disaster.
Onsite Helper has Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity products to minimises the risk to your business from unexpected events.

Speak with us to find out more.