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Onsite Helper Offsite Data Backups for NAS (NCloud)

How valuable is your data to your business?

We often find that businesses, regardless of their size, are at risk of data loss as their backup system is non-existent, incomplete or not working as it should. It is only when a disaster happens does this problem come to light and by that stage, it can be too late.

Onsite Helper provides automated offsite data backups for businesses to safeguard their data. Our backup solution places all your data securely to local servers here in Australia keeping you compliant with Australian privacy act.

As part of our solution, we monitor your backups. If a problem is detected we would contact you to get it fixed.

Further, the solution backups different versions of your data. This feature enables you to restore your data to the appropriate or desired version when required e.g. last week or last months. This feature is particularly useful in the case that a file becomes corrupted which often happens if you get the nasty Cryptowall ransomware. Please see below are the listed features of the backup solution.

Backup Features

  • Cloud storage in Australian data centre
  • Onsite Helper monitoring
  • Automatic & unattended
  • No bandwidth caps
  • Multiple backup sets Incremental & differential
  • Continuous backup frequency
  • Select individual files
  • Backup scheduling
  • Backup bandwidth limiting
  • Optional Seeded backup


  • Encrypted before transmitting
  • File encryption (Blowfish) 448-bit
  • Transmission encryption 128-bit AES
  • Private password for restore
  • User-generated private key
  • Customizable status reporting

Restore Features

  • Keep deleted files forever
  • Restore individual files
  • Restore to any device
  • Web browser file access / restore
  • Restore-to-Door courier service optional


  • Charged in 250GB blocks $20 per month
  • One off setup fee of $149

Optional extras:

  • Seeding: Have a very large hard drive sent to you to upload all your data and couriered to the datacentre saving you have to upload all that data. The same can be done for fast retrieval of all your data. $299 for upto 50TB

Prices are Ex GST

Please fill in this form to get a free quote // Or phone 03 9999 3106

Things to consider with Cloud backups:

Internet bandwidth: If your on ADSL2 or have little upload bandwidth then its recommended to schedule cloud backups to take place outside operating hours. Internet upload limits: Check your cloud backups wont exceed your monthly internet upload quoter. If it will then your options are:

  • Schedule the upload over multiple months
  • Increase your internet usage limit for that month
  • Request an external hard drive sent to you for OSH to upload your data for you. (additional cost)