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Surveillance IP CCTV Cameras


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Visual surveillance, through use of IP CCTV cameras, is an effective way to protect your business in a number of ways. It allows you to:

  • Prevent stock loss and malicious damage.
  • Monitor workplace activity/inactivity and workplace safety.
  • Obtain marketing intelligence.
  • Monitor your premises off-site.

Unlike the retailer kits available on the market, many of which provide very poor picture quality, unknown reliability and limited use for evidence gathering, the systems we provide to our clients are top of the line. Our systems are priced for the mid to high end market. Standard cameras will perform quite well in a good, well-lit environment but only specific ones do provide exceptional picture quality under hard conditions.

The best way to gauge the appropriate camera for your business is to have one of our IT Engineers do an assessment for you. We examine all aspects of a site and examine lens size, exposure, storage, positioning for optimum performance.

We work with hardware vendors and electricians to provide a complete installation. We also train staff on how to access the video on both computers and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

The IP CCTV cameras we have provided exceptional security and peace of mind to our clients. Footage from a number of them have led to arrests while others have been useful for evidence gathering purposes.

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