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Viruses/Malware is one of the biggest threats to all businesses data and security. Having the correct protection is critical for all businesses. These issues are only getting bigger as the new breed of malware is very profitable for the attacker.

Recent studies by leading security company Webroot shows that the average Ransomware gives a 1,425% Return on Investment to the creator of a successful infection. Many antivirus programs can not provide sufficient protection for the users and this is why the new generation of Malware is so effective. A ransomware which is doing the rounds at the moment is Cryptolocker. Cryptolocker encrypts all business data on the server once the infected email is opened and asks for payment in exchange for releasing the encrypted data back to the business. We often see this cause devastating consequences for businesses as it only takes one computer to be infected with the Cryptolocker virus and in almost all scenarios that computer has access to the server or shared Dropbox/Google Drive folder then suddenly all the data in the business becomes encrypted and inaccessible. This is an easy way for cyber criminals to hold your business data to ransom. Many victims pay the cyber criminals to get their data back ranging in hundreds to thousands of dollars and statistics show that only 60% of data is ever recoverable.

Businesses can provide increased protection by choosing the right antivirus and firewall security. We partner with a number of vendors to provide high level of security for businesses including:
Webroot, Eset, Checkpoint & Sophos.
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