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Firewall Security

Protect your business from next generation malware with a next generation firewall.

The current Ransomware variations of Cryptolocker are very successful from getting past most antivirus products and infecting not only your computer but all the data on the network your computer has access to by encrypting…

We recommend Checkpoint router/ firewalls for businesses.
Checkpoint make nextgeneration firewall is highly suitable to protect your business. It performs advanced analysis and network traffic patterns, inspects application content and flags any unusual activities. It’s intrusion detection system is sophisticated notifying us if these is a suspected breach and minimising any potential damage.
Checkpoint includes additional antivirus & spam protection for the network.

Other features include:

  • URL filtering to improve productivity by blocking non-work related sites such as, ebay, seek, facebook, etc.
  • QoS – Quality of Service which allows you to prioritise traffic such as VOIP for better phone experience.
  • 4G backup – Allows for connection of a 4G mobile broadband USB dongle to give you automatic internet redundancy in the event your main internet goes down.
  • Antivirus for the entire network. Viruses are detected at the firewall to prevent them from being sent to the computer over the network/internet. This provides an extra layer of virus filtering.
  • Application and user monitoring. Network information such as bandwidth and website usage can be retrieved including most visited websites.
  • RADIUS wireless. This allows you to control staff wireless access to the network at an individual user level. It saves you from having to change wireless password for everyone when you wish to restrict access after too many people are on wireless.

Here is some more info about the Checkpoint firewall click links below: