Protect Your Business From Worldwide Ransomware Attack “WannaCry”

The recent worldwide ransomware attack called “WannaCry” is one of the largest cyber attacks ever seen - so far affecting 99 countries and on the rise. WannaCry has been extremely successful targeting a Microsoft Windows vulnerability.  While Microsoft has released a fix for the vulnerability, those computers without this fix (patch) are at risk of being compromised.

The ransomware is similar to

previous ones mentioned here

which encrypts all the files on the computer it contacts and also affect connected computers and servers. The impact of the ransomware is often crippling to a business which are generally forced to pay the ransom in order to get on with their livelihood - the amount is often in the order of $US300 ($AU406) to $US600 ($AU812). Even then there is no guarantee that all your data is returned to you in a usable form.  

How to protect your business Onsite Helper has developed an 8 layer security whitepaper which when implemented should protect your business from this threat and almost all other threats.

Click here to read details of the 8 layers of security

Most small to medium size businesses we come across only have 1 or 2 of the layers from our whitepaper implemented, believing that their existing antivirus provide sufficient protection.  

A summary of the 8 layers are:

#1: Workstations’ Security

Step 1: Remove Admin Rights for Users

Step 2: Install the latest Operating System and programs

Step 3:  Reduce the attack surface - uninstall unnecessary apps/software

#2: Patch Management

#3: Managed Antivirus

#4: Web Protection

#5: Mail Protection

#6: Monitoring & alerting

#7: Backups

#8: Education

Onsite Helper is offering a free IT vulnerability assessment against the current "WannaCry" attack to help ensure your business is not affected.

To take up this offer, email

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