We deliver complete and reliable services, remote or onsite, according to your business’s needs. Starting with finding the best hardware solutions (we collaborate with a wide array of hardware vendors) and completing with support and maintenance, our specialists are always by your side.

If needed, our team will be deployed on site, as quickly as possible. Our specialists are experienced in working with servers such as Dell, HP, CISCO, Apple as well as NAS’s (Network Attached Storage) such as Synology, QNAP and others, so there’s no problem they can’t tackle!

IT Networking

We work with several network hardware suppliers such as Ubiquiti Networks, which is the ideal vendor for small to medium-size businesses because they offer enterprise-standard products at an affordable price. Moreover, we built our own Unifi cloud controller to centrally manage all the Ubiquiti devices for our clients, which means reduced management costs and better security.

Our Job is to Care for Your Network

Seamless Wifi

Our seamless WiFi solutions allow you to move in the office space and stay connected without dropouts. This is possible due to the smart wireless access points that talk to each other to provide users with the best possible wireless experience.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to allow restricted guest access to your WiFi, so they won’t see your computers or servers. Moreover, we can provide Unifi wireless access points, if you need them.

Security Gateway

Unifi Security Gateway (USG) is the perfect router/firewall for your business. It provides you with fast network and internet access, as well as customisable security to ensure the bad guys stay out of your network. The performance and security can easily be monitored in real-time using the Unifi controller, but you can leave this task to Onsite Helper.

We can look after your network using our managed firewall service and you can go ahead and build your business without worrying about safety.


Unifi Switches are built with performance and security in mind. The PoE (Power over Ethernet) switches allow you to supply power and network access to devices such as VoIP phones and access points with the one Ethernet cable which is a tidy and cost-effective option. We can also separate your network into virtual networks to make it more secure.

Cloud controller

The Unifi Software-Defined Networking (SDN) platform is an end-to-end system of network devices across different locations – all controlled from a single interface.

Onsite Helper has its own secure cloud controller so we can manage all your devices to make sure they are secure and up to date.

Managed Network

The network is the backbone of your activity as a business so, if you neglect it, the business will suffer. But networks need to be monitored and devices need their software regularly updated to stay secure. This is a time-consuming endeavour that calls for the constant attention and care of a specialist.

So, instead of making room in your budget for and onsite IT department, let Onsite Helper take over! We offer managed network services where we look after all your network devices to ensure maximum performance, uptime & security.

Gain Competitive Edge through Digital Innovation


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Hangouts Meet

Hangouts meet is designed for small to large meeting rooms. It has a cool touchscreen display that makes it real easy and fast to run meetings without the need to bring in other computers or devices. The standard setup is ideal for 2 to 10 people in the room


Hangouts Meet expansion

For a larger meeting space you may be interested to upgrade or add some

Components Including :

Additional Speaker/Mic, you can have upto 5 in total. You may have 8 people per speaker/mic.

Logitech PTZ Pro 2 Camera, you can pan, tilt & zoom using a remote control



Chromebase is perfect for small meeting spaces. The device is an ultra-thin touch display that is robust and extremely secure and is available in two versions (either a 22-inch display, or a 10-inch tablet).

You can mount it on a wall or use the included stand, according to your needs. However, both versions need a Chrome Device Management license.



This is Google’s ideas of an interactive whiteboard. It’s perfect for presentations and sketching ideas for projects because it allows users to go online and use all sorts of resources. Furthermore, the Jamboard allows other members of the team to chime in their ideas, regardless of their location.

Speak to us on how Google Chrome devices can improve your business


Our specialists can create the perfect Internet solution, designed for your business’s needs


Most businesses talk about their Internet needs with just one provider, which is a mistake because it limits their options! Onsite Helper has access to a network of providers to ensure we have access to all the available technologies before deciding on the right solution. From fibre, to mobile broadband, to bonded services which combine multiple internet links into one, we know with one best suit your needs!

Internet services available for your business:

  • Fibre
  • Ethernet over copper
  • Ethernet first mile
  • Business NBN
  • Fixed wireless
  • Mobile Broadband
  • SD-WAN


VoIP is a more reliable, scalable & affordable solution in comparison to the standard phone systems which are prone to failure


VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a solution that can accommodate any businesses, regardless of size and type. Even more, unlike traditional phone systems, which run from a comms box located in the office (PBX), Onsite Helper’s VOIP is hosted in the cloud.

So, you don’t need to maintain an entire infrastructure in the office. All you need is a VOIP phone! Moreover, you can add or take off phones as you need; you can also connect the phone system across multiple sites.

VOIP benefits :

  • Low upfront costs
  • No onsite hardware to maintain
  • Lower ongoing costs
  • Easy scalability
  • Make and receive calls from anywhere
  • Features to match your business workflow