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With our consistent research and expertise in the field of IT security monitoring, we have found that more small businesses are prone to cyber threats and attacks because, unlike larger scale businesses, small businesses tend to overlook their IT security systems.

As trained IT security providers, we believe in providing only efficient and protected IT security support to every business.

We provide a variety of IT security services and support at Onsite Helper.

IT security audits made easy with Onsite Helper.


If you’re unsure of what potential cyber risks may threaten your business, allow us to complete an IT security audit service and detect potential threats and areas where your business may be vulnerable.

A member of our team will visit your business onsite and conduct a security audit which determines the risks that your business’ data may be exposed to and any potential cyber threats or attacks that could be coming your way.

Prevention is better than cure: early detection is the best! If you suspect a potential breach to your data and information, call us immediately!

Our team will complete a thorough security audit, then provide you with a plan of action detailing the best plan of action to combat the breach quickly and efficiently.

IT security support through data protection


Small businesses that hold personal information and data storage must be fully equipped with the right tools for protection.

If there is a security and data breach made against your business, you must contact authorities and affected customers immediately, as some businesses may fall under the Data notifiable breach (GDPR).

We provide every business with direct and trustworthy IT security services and support, as well as the tools and guidance to ensure that your small business doesn’t fall prey to harmful breaches.

Computer Security


We understand that it can be difficult to find the time to monitor your computer and ensure that’s 100% safe and up-to-date with all appropriate security measures.

We’re available to complete an IT security service on your computers to ensure that they’re safe for use.

Goodbye standard antivirus solutions. Welcome new layers of extra security for your computers!

Web protection and IT security monitoring are just a few of the IT security support measures that are necessary for the safe and secure functioning of your business computers.

Network IT security support with Onsite Helper


Devices that have access to networks are at a higher risk of breach. This is because there are more likely to be run-in issues with wireless routers, remote access and data on servers.

The team of specialists at Online Helper are able to identify and manage any potential network security issues for you.

Password management services and ransomware prevention


Using the same password across a variety of accounts, online servers and networks isn’t a good idea. In fact, it can be dangerous and prone to hacker attacks and data breaches.

Let us complete a password management IT security audit and password management service to protect you from the risk of business data breaches.

Ransomware is a highly active space for cyber attackers. In these ransomware instances, cyber threats will hold your data and information hostage, encrypt it and require you to pay thousands of dollars to retrieve your data. Sometimes it’s not all returned.

We can provide you with top-notch IT security support and assist you with ways to better protect your business from ransomware.

Onsite Helper, the IT security solutions company you can trust!


We believe in keeping your business, data and information safe and secure 24/7.

Unfortunately, cyber threats and attacks sometimes happen. However, with regular IT security monitoring and IT security services, we can help you prepare for, effectively manage or even prevent any threat.

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