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SMBs (Small to Medium Businesses) are becoming the cyber criminal’s “sweet spot” because they don’t pay as much attention to their security systems as large companies do. As a result, SMBs are at high risk of data theft, network spamming and virus attacks, not to mention inside jobs that often go undetected.

But SMBs also have to support the wrath of data breach laws, which can further push a business down!

Security Audits


No organization is too small for cybercriminals!

A comprehensive Security Audit is great way to determine vulnerabilities in your business. A security expert will visit your business and perform the audit you chose, after which you will receive a report and a recommended action plan.

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Data protection (Data notifiable breach + GDPR)


Under current Australian Privacy Laws, SMBs that hold personal information must implement the necessary tools for protection. If a breach happens, the business must notify the authorities and the affected customers. Furthermore, Australian businesses may fall under the incidence of GDPR .

We can offer the right guidance, tools, and support to make sure your business won’t suffer. Contact us for a free review

Computer Security


Most Ransomware and data breaches happen because of poor security on computers. Furthermore, in today’s day and age, a good antivirus solution is not enough.

A business needs several layers of security such as: workstation security hardening, patch management, managed antivirus, web protection, monitoring & alerting. Contact us for a free review

Network Security


Network devices are also targeted because there are many vulnerabilities with wireless routers , data on servers , remote access and more.

It’s also common to see staff bring their own devices to work and using the office network which, is another big vulnerability. All these are issues that can be identified by a security specialist. Contact us for a free review

Password Management


Secure passwords are essential for keeping sensitive data and key IT systems safe from hackers and other threats. If you’re re-using the same passwords across multiple accounts, or you don’t know who has access to which systems, your whole business could be at risk. Help eliminate that risk with our easy-to-use password management service

Ransomware Prevention


Ransomware is big business for cyber criminals! The process is simple: cybercriminals hold your data hostage, by encrypting it, and require you to pay thousands of dollars to get it back.

This is the most common threat to businesses today. Contact us for a free review on how to protect your business.

Threat awareness training


Even with all the security layers in place, a business is still not 100% protected!

The biggest risk comes from the staff, as they are often tricked into Phishing attacks, Ransomware infections or Social Engineering tactics. Contact us to arrange an IT security training for your staff, to help prevent this from happening.