Hangouts Meet

Hangouts meet is designed for small to large meeting rooms. It has a cool touchscreen display that makes it real easy and fast to run meetings without the need to bring in other computers or devices. The standard setup is ideal for 2 to 10 people in the room


Hangouts Meet expansion

For a larger meeting space you may be interested to upgrade or add some

Components Including :

Additional Speaker/Mic, you can have upto 5 in total. You may have 8 people per speaker/mic.

Logitech PTZ Pro 2 Camera, you can pan, tilt & zoom using a remote control


Chromebase is perfect for small meeting spaces. The device is an ultra-thin touch display that is robust and extremely secure and is available in two versions (either a 22-inch display, or a 10-inch tablet).

You can mount it on a wall or use the included stand, according to your needs. However, both versions need a Chrome Device Management license.



This is Google’s ideas of an interactive whiteboard. It’s perfect for presentations and sketching ideas for projects because it allows users to go online and use all sorts of resources. Furthermore, the Jamboard allows other members of the team to chime in their ideas, regardless of their location.

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