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If your business sends emails from multiple devices such as computers, mobile phones & tablets, and you want consistency with your email signatures, then Black Pearl Mail is for you!
Onsite Helper partnered up with Black Pearl Mail to provide an elegant and unique email solution for our clients. Talk with us today to find out how your business can have better-looking emails and improved delivery rates.

Here are a few benefits that will help your communication via email, if you use Black Pearl Mail solution:

  • The number of replies will increase with up to 12%
  • The design is elegant and includes your business logo in the top left corner
  • The signature migration is a simple process with Black Pearl
  • The setup process is simple and connects with G Suite and Office 365
  • You have access to an easy-to-use template builder for unlimited customization possibilities
  • Your emails will look the same, regardless of the device used to send them
  • You can add promotional banners to drive traffic to a website
  • Black Pearls also offers monitoring software that measures opens and clicks and offers a great lead list for your sales team
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