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Is providing email support to your clients distracting you from your core business?

Web designers, Creative Agencies & others: Helping your clients with their email or document management issues is distracting and costly for business.

Most importantly your staff are probably not doing your clients justice as this is not their expertise and may be creating significant security vulnerabilities for your clients.

Here are a few examples of common mistakes we see with G Suite setup:

  • Email delivery issues as missing or incorrect SPF & DKIM records
  • Email, calendar & contacts history not migrated to G Suite, PST or other archive files used in email client which can easily be lost in future
  • Poor email passwords which can easily be hacked
  • No training provided so clients only us 5% of G Suite offering
  • No backup strategy for G Suite emails & documents

Why not instead refer these headaches to the professionals so you can focus on what you do best, we will also provide referral rewards as a thank you for the introduction.

Onsite Helper is a trusted certified G Suite partner, read this article to see why its best to put your clients in touch with a G suite partner

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