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Your business can have a better experience with Google Workspace with us as your partner! We can look after your Google licence billing (see Google Workspace Licence Reseller) and also offer unlimited local support and best practice configuration advice (see have your Google Workspace Fully Managed). See why your business would benefit by having a Google Cloud partner like us managing your account.

In short, benefits include:

  • Local support
  • Work with the same support team who knows your business
  • Google Workspace certified staff
  • IT support background (not web designers).
  • We will keep you updated with new features of Google Workspace
  • We’re able to train your staff on Google Workspace

Onsite Helper offers a few options to help your business with
Google Workspace in the future:

Google Workspace

The costs for Google Workspace Licences in our Reseller option are:

Google Workspace

Google Workspace Licence Reseller

This is ideal for businesses who are happy to manage their accounts without any outside support. We will only manage the licence monthly or yearly renewals.
A few benefits for your business to use Onsite Helper as your Google Workspace Licence reseller include:

  • Flexible payment options: EFT, cheque, credit card, cash or paypal
  • Pay Monthly or Annually, annual payments receive 20% discount
  • Payments in Australian currency

You also have the option to purchase annually and get 20% discount from these prices.
Prices are in AUD and are excluding GST

Have your Google Workspace fully managed

Leave IT management to the experts and stop wasting your time with administrative or helpdesk support issues related to your Google Workspace! Instead, have Onsite Helper look after it all! Even more, we’ll keep your business well protected, following the best security standards. If this is not enough, we can also reduce your IT costs by implementing a fixed support/management cost and strategies to keep your Google licences to a minimum.

With Onsite Helper’s Google Workspace Management we take care of everything G-Suite-related at a fixed monthly cost. Simple and effective!

There are 3 main management options we can provide, and each is summarised below for an easier understanding and to make your decisional process simpler.

  1. Manage the account yourself – this option is destined for businesses that want to manage their Google Workspace account themselves or pay for ad-hoc requests.
  2. Browser Only Support – this option is created for businesses that like having access to their information and data from anywhere using any computer. You can simply use any modern browser to use all of your Google Workspace apps and we’re offering unlimited support for your needs.
  3. Browser & Device Support – This option is created for businesses that have a more complex setup and prefer to use other applications to get more from their Google Workspace account possibilities. Just like above, our offer includes unlimited support for everything Google Workspace-related.

List of included services Onsite Helper will support for your business

Administration Manage yourself Browser & Device
Billing of regular Google Workspace licenses with multiple payment options
Regular newsletter and blog articles for tips & tricks to Google Workspace
DIY setup & administration guides
Ability to escalate issues to Google support team on your behalf
Access to the full suite of Google Apps (Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Sites others)
Unlimited support & management for all users operating in browser
Creating users
Changing user account details (e.g change email address or reset password)
Deleting users (Archiving / backup user data is additional expense)
Basic assistance with Mobile phone & tablet setup
Out of office auto responder setup
Email group setup and management
Email forwarding setup and management
Email delegation – Secure way to share your inbox
Full email client support such as Outlook & Apple mail
Google Drive desktop Sync support
Assistance with setup 2 step authentication
Addon domain & domain alias setup
Mobile & Tablet management in Google Apps Device manager
Advanced assistance with Mobile phone & tablet setup
Setup integrations of 3rd party apps
Alert notifications for security concerns Manage yourself Browser & Device
Alert notifications sent for suspicious logins
Drive Setting changed
Gmail settings changed
Google Calendar settings changed
User deleted
User granted Admin privilege
User’s Admin privilege revoked
User suspended
Yearly review of security & processes Manage yourself Browser & Device
3rd party apps installed that could leak out valuable information
Users with weak passwords
Users that don’t have 2 step authentication enabled
Review how the business uses Google Workspace & recommend improvements

Google Workspace Other Services

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