Google Drive will delete your files in bin after 30 days

If your a Google Drive user, you need to be aware of the new changes being enforced as of the 13th of October 2020. From this date onwards, all files that are in your bin / trash will be deleted if they have been in there for over 30 days. Read more about this here

Why is this of concern to you?

Well in our experience files often go missing for many reasons in Google Drive, which can include:

  • Files can be accidently deleted or changed by others
  • Issues with Syncing apps e.g File Stream or backup & Sync
  • Rogue applications can corrupt, delete or duplicate
  • Departing employees can delete things to hide their tracks
  • Hacking & Ransomware can remove access to your files

What should you do about it?

As with all your data, either on your computers, servers or other devices, you need to have a good backup system in place to be protected. Everyone will experience some type of data loss at some point, so it's not a matter of if you will lose data but when. When selecting a backup for your Google Drive, it's highly recommended to go for a SaaS (Software as a Service) backup provider as these are most reliable and easy to manage.

There are options to run your own backups with software or hardware appliances such as a NAS, but I would recommend against this as in our experience they are not reliable and you might not be notified if it stops working.

What to consider for a backup solution:

  • How long do you need backups for? (retention)
  • How much data do you have?
  • Does your backup cover shared drives?
  • Where is the support located?
  • What's the cost for current and ex accounts?

We have had the experience of dealing with 3 well known SaaS Google Workspace backup solutions over the past 10 years. From this we are very familiar with how they work and whats a best for the organisations requirements.

Here are some of our findings:

Spanning Backup


  • Best interface for easy navigation to restore files from, even for end users
  • Most features and flexibility
  • Most popular Google Workspace backup provider


  • Lacking support for billing & helpdesk, especially for Australian organisations
  • Most expensive
  • Problem reports with backing up Google Sites for all of our clients
  • Not unlimited backup as advertised
  • Difficult to manage ex employees, you keep paying for them unless you remove them



  • First provider for Google Workspace backups
  • True unlimited backups
  • Dont pay for ex employees licence archive


  • More focused on Office 365 than Google Workspace
  • Billing in per group model, can be expensive if your just over your user amount for your tier



  • Most cost effective solution
  • Ex employees are not charged, their data is still accessible to restore
  • Ideal for Manage Service Providers to manage


  • New to Google Workspace backups therefore the interface and functionality needs work
  • Retention is only for 1 year. Additional years is available at an extra cost


Not all backup providers are the same as you can see they have their pros and cons. If you want to really find out whats best for your organisation, speak to one of our Google Workspace consultants and we can manage the whole process for you. Once you have sorted out your backups, you can then look at making sure your Google Workspace is as secure as possible.

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