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Google Drive Sync App is being replaced

Feb 21, 2018
Google Drive Sync App is being replaced

You may have already received an email from Google advising that from 12 May 2018, the Google Drive Sync desktop application for PC or MAC will stop working. This will affect Google Drive Sync installed prior to July 2017.

In its place are two newer models called Drive Backup & Sync Drive File Stream. Drive Backup & Sync essentially works the same as Drive Sync with the added option to backup your desktop data, such as documents & photos to Google Drive as an offsite backup service.  Here is a video I created showing how to install the new Backup & sync app.

Google has also released Drive File Stream, an application which allows files to be streamed in real-time to your desktop ensuring that bandwidth and hard drive space usage are kept to a minimum.

For our G Suite customers, we highly recommend  Drive File Stream over  Drive Backup & Sync as we believe it is a superior product.

We do however still encourage, as a matter of best practice, to operate Google Drive through the web browser.  This enables users to power their search of Google Docs & Sheets for collaboration using the Google search engine.

With the recent update to Google Drive you can now comment on Microsoft Office files, PDFs and photos in the browser; an additional bonus.  

For businesses that do design work, Drive File Stream or Backup & Sync may still be the more suitable option.

If you would like an expert to chat to you about your best solution, feel free to contact Onsite Helper by emailing or call 03 9999 3106.



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