Google Drive Makes Collaboration Easier With Microsoft Office And Others

Google Drive’s new update makes it now easier and more simpler than ever to work collaboratively and efficiently with your colleagues and clients. Google’s new feature now allows you to makes comments on additional file types such as Microsoft Office files, as well as on PDF’s and image files. This means that there is no need to convert these files into a more “google-friendly” version for when you want direct collaboration to occur. This new update has made collaborating across various file types extremely easy. For example, you can open up the shared file and mention coworkers and write comments, and others who do not use Google Workspace can even reply back. For instance, they can open up the file on Microsoft Word and view comments and reply. You don’t even need to fully open up a file to be able to edit it - files can be commented on even when you are just viewing them on preview mode. This can benefit one’s work efficiency and patience immensely, and allows you to quickly review and comment on a file, and then get back to work with minimal interruptions. Some others ways in which Microsoft Office and G-Suite can work together includes the availability of a Drive Plug-In for Outlook users which benefits file transfers from the drive to Outlook and vice versa. This collaboration between these platforms is incredibly important in the workplace where various clients may be working on different systems. For G-Suite admins, changes to the ‘can view’ permission for MS Office files will take place. Users with this permission will be able to view comments made after this change takes place, but will be unable to respond to them. For edits made on Google files, comments and suggested items will remain to be unviewable for those on the ‘can view’ permission. These new changes will be available within a few weeks.

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