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Google Workspace Training

Gain Competitive Edge through Digital Innovation


Most businesses only use 5% of the plethora of features offered by Google Workspace. This means they are missing out on 95% of the features that could revolutionise the way they do business!

These 95% offer lots of benefits such as dramatically improving business processes, collaborations and removing bottlenecks from your operations.

A recent report by Deloitte, ‘The Collaborative Economy’ has found that Australian companies that promote a collaborative environment are more likely to profit, grow, increase employee satisfaction, and create a culture of innovation. Employees who worked in a collaborative environment obtained promising results such as:

Businesses with a collaborative strategy are twice as likely to outgrow their competitors and more likely to improve their bottom line. To learn more click here.

Solution: Getting the Right Information

As a starting point please watch a 2 minute introductory video on how Google Workspace can be used by you to improve your business processes.

We also have “How to Guides” and blogs posted on our website, Here are some of our top recommendations for your viewing:

Our clients’ favourite best practice guides:

For a more comprehensive look at how you can maximise the use of Google Workspace, why not book in a standard training session for users and administrators of Google Workspace (included for free in platinum package).

Custom training is available upon request.