Google Workspace Price Increase

Google recently announced that, starting April 2nd, 2019, they will increase the monthly prices for Basic by $1 and Business by $2 from their US pricing. They also advised that all regions will now be charged as per the US$. For Australia, the Google Workspace monthly licence costs equate to: $8.40 for Basic and $16.80 for business.

Enterprise, education & non profit pricing has not been changed.

Lock in now for 12 months and save!

A good idea is to change your payments from monthly (flexible) to annual to pay for 12 months in advance. This is an annual saving of $50.80 per account for Basic and $81.60 for Business. The savings are quite significant if you have many Google Workspace accounts. Google will be removing the option to pay annually after April 2nd.

Upgrade to Google Workspace Business and get 6 months free

Upgrade from Google Workspace basic to Google Workspace business license and commit for 12 months and get an additional 6 months for free.  Effectively getting 18 months for the price of 12.

Email to take advantage of these offers.

Why the price hike?

While this may sound a bit disconcerting, please keep in mind that this is the first price increase Google has operated in the last 10 years!

Over the years, Google has released hundreds of updates and products, so it is a very small increase for the value clients get. Seen objectively, we can easily say that no other company offers that much value for such a small cost!

Just to give you an idea on how much they actually offer, here are a few recent updates and products for Google Workspace that we recommend to businesses everywhere:Tools for Productivity 

Tools for Security

Here is an infogram of Google Workspace's progression over the years.  You can click the image to see more about Google Workspaces enhancements.

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