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Google has built a very stringent and reliable Google Workspace email exchange platform which hosts your data, including your emails. However, it does not eliminate the risk of users’ accidental or malicious activities. This is a vulnerability that is external of Google Workspace and should be seriously considered.

Are you at risk?

Some common scenarios where your business may be at risk include one or more of the following actions performed by staff:

In all these scenarios, crucial data can be lost beyond retrieval.

Solution: cloud-to-cloud backup

The best safeguard against this is to organise a cloud-to-cloud backup service. For more information, have a read of this article here.

We highly recommend Spanning Backup & Datto Backupify (we’re also their partners). These SaaS (software as a Service) backup providers are safe, reliable, and easily accessible by users and business administrators who are able to restore data themselves whenever they wish. Further, the service offers unlimited data backups and has snapshot backup feature where you can access historical versions of your data.

There is also a great search feature to quickly find the items you suspect may have been deleted so you can do individual restores.

Google Workspace Other Services

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