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  • We are on the road a fair amount, for onsite client visits. Our company car is now a Tesla which is fully electric with 0 emissions. Also, the car’s battery is charged via solar power.
  • We use minimal electricity in our office since there are no local servers (we operate entirely from the cloud) and our computers are off when not in use. Furthermore, we use natural light for as much as possible.
  • The Electricity provider we use has the highest ranking for environmental friendliness out of the providers available to us.
  • A large amount of our business runs on Google Cloud. Google Cloud runs on 100% renewable energy and has zero compute emissions.
  • Google Chromebooks are used for staff, to minimize electricity usage. A Chromebook is an energy-efficient laptop as it operates entirely in the cloud. This means that the device does not need much heavy processing of CPU & RAM, which in turn, saves electricity.

Recycling & Waste

  • We often replace old computers and IT hardware, but this equipment is kept out of landfill and is sent to recyclers where up to 98% of the material is recovered and recycled. This is all done through Office Work’s “Bring IT Back”. We also re-purpose some computers by using neverware and turning them into Google Chrome devices and donate these to charities or non for profits.
  • We run a minimal paper office. Almost everything is done electronically and we use apps like DocHub to edit PDFs without having to print them. We also send contracts and agreements electronically using Hello Sign. If we do need to print, we always print using duplex printing (both sides of the paper).
  • IT hardware packaging is recycled correctly with both cardboard & plastic recycling.

We Solve your Business Challenges

Priority Support

We offer a response time SLA (Service Level Agreement) of 4 hours. This means we need to respond and start work on your issue (if applicable). This ensures clients on SLA packages are top priority.

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24/7 Monitoring

We monitor the health of your computers and servers (see details below). The Managed Security package does not include applying fixes to the issues so we will notify you of the issue and provide a quote to fix. The Cloud Hybrid Managed and Complete Management do include free fixes to the issues identified.

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IT Maintenance

We either come to your office or perform the maintenance remotely. This is necessary to keep your computers and servers fast and secure, and will extend their operational life, which translates in lower investments in hardware equipment.

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Technology Consulting

Our role as Virtual CTOs is to align your organization’s IT strategy with its overall objectives. As such, we will be your trusted advisors, making sure your business is moving forward with technology and IT is being managed well.

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We often find that businesses, regardless of their size, are at risk of data loss as their backup system is non-existent, incomplete or not working as it should. The issue of a backup strategy tends to get into focus only when something bad happens, but by this stage it may be too late. Onsite Helper follows the best practices recommended by specialists and manages the backups for a wide range of businesses (whether backing up onsite, offsite, or cloud services). For instance, we follow the 3-2-1 rule to keep your data safe in any failure scenario. As such, important data should have at least 3 copies, stored on different media, and kept at different locations.

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Business Continuity

It’s important to understand that Business Continuity is not a backup system. It’s a system that allows your business to continue to operate should a disaster strike your critical IT network. Often, the recovery from backups is a long process (it may even take a few days or more), and this is time during which your business doesn’t operate. Onsite Helper has solutions that can reduce downtime to minutes rather than hours or days, in the event of a disaster.

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