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Centralise Google Workspace Administration

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For businesses with more than 20 accounts, we recommend a 3rd party integration called CloudPages. This will give you a number of additional features and configuration options to improve administrative efficiency and security.

There are about 28 enhancements to configure – below are a few we consider would benefit businesses greatly.

Contact Sharing

By default, you can easily share contact information (i.e email, phone, address) of all Google Workspace accounts. However, external contacts like suppliers or customers can’t be shared.

CloudPages Contacts functionality allows admins to import and maintain a list of contacts, such as vendors, suppliers, or customers who users may need to email regularly.You will be able to choose who can view, edit or administer these groups of contacts. Read more here

Email signature management

Email signatures are more than simple contact information. They can serve as a marketing tool to increase your brand visibility and your employees’ accessibility.

It is definitely worth investing time in creating a professional email signature template and then ensuring all users have the same template. This can be centrally managed for all accounts within CloudPages.

Manage Gmail

From Gmail, users can configure several settings such as an auto-reply that a user forgot to set before going on vacation. Within CloudPages, admins can apply all these settings to individual users, organizational units, or an entire domain. This is a huge time saver as you don’t need a user’s login credentials to set this up as you would do with regular Google Workspace.

You can also create a delegation between two users and gain full access to their inbox. This option is helpful for an assistant or shared account. Also keeps passwords more secure.

User Provisioning & Deprovisioning

Control user provisioning & deprovisioning, for complete Google Workspace user lifecycle management. Save time and make sure setting up users or terminating accounts is done correctly with automated workflows.

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