Best Practices To Setup Google Drive For Your Organisation

Google Drive is an amazing tool to keep your business’s tasks and plans organized, but the sharing documents part can be a little tricky to understand and manage going forward. To help you out, we created a simple way to manage user access now and going forward by using Google security groups.

If the term Google Security Groups is not familiar, you should know that they enable you to manage multiple users at once by applying a security group to a folder. This is ideal when onboarding or offboarding staff as you simply apply them to a group and it will automatically apply them to the relevant folders as per their job requirements. E.g new sales person goes into the sales Google Group and has access to all the files and folders related to the sales role.

The benefit here is you save a lot of time. If the job would be done manually, you would have to go through all the files and folders and manually add this new user in order for them to have access to the correct data. This tedious task can be very time consuming and likely to have things missed if you have a complicated folder structure.

We put together a comprehensive video where we explain step-by-step how to best set this up:


Summary & tips when using Google drive sharing

As you can see from the video, Google Drive sharing is a tool that makes organization a whole lot easier. Not to mention that you get rid of many repetitive tasks that are usually extremely boring for the person performing them. Now, let’s make a summary of what we learned and see how it can be improved:

  • Avoid sharing users files & folders, put users into Groups and groups to folders

  • Best to setup a new account to administer google drive e.g Also, set up a 2-step verification to protect this account.

  • Migrate all data to the master Google drive account (owner).

  • When deleting users, select master Google drive account to also change the respective drive’s ownership.

  • Provide detailed instructions to staff on how Google Drive works

  • If users delete files without being the owner, then the change should only reflect for that user (in browser). The file mustn’t be deleted permanently.

  • Google Drive Sync is not recommended for multiple computers. Single point sync on local network is better.

  • Backup your Google Drive –  Google has only a 3 week retention period!

If this all seems to hard or you dont have the time to do this, please contact us about our G Suite management packages to have this taken care of for you. Related articles

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