Deleting users in Google Apps

This video shows the process of removing ex employees from Google Apps.

It's very important for business to have an employee termination process to protect the businesses data as well as ensure there is an archive easily accessible if information needs retrieval.

The recommended process follows the following steps.

1. Reset user password
This should be acted on straight away to prevent possible data loss or malicious behaviour from any disgruntle ex-employees. Once a use'rs password is reset, it will lock them out of all Google Applications such as Email, Calendar, Drive. This will take effect the next time they open their browser to access the systems.

2. Reset sign in cookies
This is recommended to cover situations where user may continue to have access to their data where their browsers are not closed. It is usually the case where the user has enabled passwords to be saved on the browser. Resetting cookies immediately kicks them out of any open sessions and requires them to log in again which they wont be able to do as the password has been changed.

3. Remote wipe device
If they are using a smart phone to access emaiils, documents, calendars & contacts then you can remotly wipe the account from their phone or factory reset the phone to wipe everything.

4. Google takeout
Google Takeout archives their entire Google Apps profile into a zip file, which you can download to a computer/server or upload it back to a central storage in Google Drive.
5. Change owner for Google Drive items
Change the owner for the previous user to a new user to store and share relevent data in Google Drive.

6. Delete or rename user
Rename the user and email address to a new account if someone is taking over that persons role and needs their history of emails and other data. Otherwise delete the account if this is not necessary.

7. Email forwards
Create email alias for another user to receive emails sent to the ex-employee.

If you require assistance with this, feel free to contact an Onsite Helper technician at or +613 99993106.