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What is Google Apps for Work?

What is Google Apps for Work?

Watch this quick 2 minute video about Google Apps for Work Help and how your business can benefit from it.

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Help with Google Apps for Work Partner

Are you a business heavily reliant on email? Most businesses setup their email accounts for their current use only to later find that when the business grows, their email accounts are not scalable. They are unable to cope with the growing complexity of managing email correspondence in the growing business. Other inherent issues can include insufficient backup of emails which poses a huge problem when emails go missing or get corrupted.

Onsite Helper is the prime IT support company and Google Apps for Work Partner, which offers best assistance for client email correspondence and manages social media services for businesses. For most of the businesses, the primary portal of communication with their clients is through email. And as business built up, it is increasingly hard to keep track of jobs and the setups.

Onsite Helper offers complete solution and services for Google Apps for Work in Melbourne. We become your first point of contact for any help with your Google Apps for Work.

The beauty of Google Apps for Work is that it has a synchronized inbox. This means that the emails do not need to be downloaded onto a desktop and “lost” there so staff can access the emails wherever they are on whatever device they please as it is stored in the cloud. It removes double handing of emails and improves response time for clients.

The Google Apps for Work setup also makes it easy to scale as the business increases its client base.

Take a look at how we helped Acquire Learning implement Google Apps for Work which has helped their business to scale very quickly.

If you are finding you have too much email correspondence and finding it hard to manage, it may be time to migrate to Google Apps.

Please come and see us and we can talk you through the benefits of using Google Apps. Onsite Helper is a Google Apps for Work Partner, our technicians are certified in Google for Work Deployments & Sales.

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